Friday, 16 October 2009

Heaven Can Wait...

...and I can’t! ...wait that is, to read Cally Taylor's debut novel Heaven Can Wait!

Except I’ve got to, because my copy of her book hasn’t arrived yet – weeps openly!

But I still wanted to say huge congratulations to Cally Taylor - YAY!

And I will be interviewing her here at Writing Allsorts on the 21st October, when, amongst other things, she tells me who she would most like to play the parts of Dan and Lucy if (well let’s be honest here – WHEN) the book becomes a film!

Hope to see you then!


Karen said...

I daren't start reading my copy yet, because I know I won't be able to put it down! That should be an interesting interview, I'll look out for that :o)

Suzanne Jones said...

Oooh, will look out for that interview.



Ahhh, Ms Allsorts still writes blog posts ;-) I'll be back on the 21st for more, more, more :-) Tfx

Lane said...

Looking forward to the interview!

(word veri thing is 'booked'. How apt.

Debs said...

I've received my copy and I'm itching to start reading, but I'm not going to allow myself until I've finished my editing, which hopefully should be today. I can't imagine holding off any longer than until this evening.

Looking forward to reading your interview with Cally on 21st.

Flowerpot said...

Look forward to the interview, Mandy!

Shirley Wells said...

So there you are.

I'll look forward to the interview!

Amanda said...

Mines arrived now, Karen - It's so exciting! But like you, haven't started reading yet for the exact same reason! :-)

Thanks Suzanne :-)xx

Been a really bad blogger lately, TF - But I'm still here! x

Oooh, that's a little bit spooky, Lane :-)

I just want to read it too, Debs, but too need to free my mind of all the editing - can't wait to read it though!

Thanks Flowerpot :-)

I know, Shirley, I'm a terrible blogger of late! :-)


Jan said...

I wonder if she wrote the book with her prefered actors in her mind all along? Or does the choice of actor develop as the character develops?

HelenMHunt said...

You're in for a huge treat. It really is a fabulous read.

Amanda said...

Very good question, Jan. I sometimes visualise (dream) who I would want to play the parts in my
novel. :-)

It's so gripping isn't it Helen, right from the off!